CEG is a Qatari owned and operating continuously and successfully in Doha Qatar since it was founded in 1975.

The firm is a Grade A registered local consultant (Grade A being the highest grade in the country for local and international companies issued by local authorities) and ranks among Qatar's leading consultancy practitioners.

CEG has been employed by clients on a variety of major projects providing multi-disciplinary consultancy services.

CEG's sophistication in building technology applications and commitment to excellence in service maintaining the highest standards of professional expertise, quality and integrity has resulted in portfolio that features some of the most important architecture accomplishments in the country completing over 2,500 complex projects with a total value of US$ 25 billion.

Many of Qatar's most historic projects are part of the company's heritage.

CEG has done prestigious projects not only in Qatar but also in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt. Having been in operation for three decades, CEG has profound knowledge of Qatar projects, requirements, local regulations and resources and has already established good standing with different prestigious clients and joint venture partners.

CEG, having been certified by BVQI, has quality management systems and procedures that meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 .


To be amongst the best to convert inspirations into reality.


To continuously improve the quality of our work to make the built environment a better place.


To be globally competitive in the field of consultancy services.


To be known for offering the widest range of design and management services, executed expertly and on schedule.

To be attract and retain imaginative, highly skilled, resourceful professionals, respected for their ability and integrity, by providing an inspiring and exciting environment offering oppotunity for professional growth and satisfaction.

To exceed client's expectation of process and results.

To design and construct a portfolio of projects enhancing the community and instilling in us a sense of accomplishment.


"The thing always happens
that you really believe in;
And the belief
in a thing makes it happen."

Since 1975, I've seen momentous changes in the way companies practice business, countries govern and people pursue life, liberty, and hapiness.

And I've watched talented men & women who make up CEG have helped the firm evolve to meet those changes.

As CEG itself has grown & prospered the world at large and Qatar has changed.

Clients of all kinds are not satisfied with ideas alone-they want results. And they expect combination of functional expertise with real understanding of their particular challenges, and how this all interplays in their best interest.

At CEG we have our own perspective. We have internationally set out to respond to and meet market demands, removing internal barriers in order to offer our clients seamless services, no matter of being local or international.

CEG is the long-term partner to our clients, working with them on the challenges that require transformational thinking & execution.

Combining an unparalleled range of consulting capabilities to ever engagement, & reaffirm our promise to deliver results and endure.

As we move forward, I have asked the men & women of CEG to focus on two key properties: continue improving our performance & our client satisfaction.

Communicating the importance of meeting Customer requirements.
Ensuring implementation and improvement of QMS throught the Organization.
Good oriented approach involving CEG staff at different levels.

Dr. Omar Abdul Moez
Chairman & Founder